Koh Chang is the second largest island and surely one of most beautiful islands in Thailand. Koh Chang offers many beaches and hidden secret spots where you can find privacy ! At 217 square kilometres, Koh Chang Island means elephant island, named for the elephant shape of its headland, although elephants are not indigenous to the island. The island is also home to a wide range of wildlife, including a good selection of birds, snakes, deer, and a number of elephants.

The island and nearby islands are great places for snorkelling, diving and jungle tours.

Only very recently, in less than ten years, Koh Chang has turned itself into a major tourist destination, both for foreigners and local Thais. The whole island is a national park with many stunning landscape features, such as beautiful beaches, spectacular mountains, picturesque waterfalls, pristine rainforest and laid-back villages.



Koh Chang Island Has a wide variety of beaches, from peaceful and secluded beaches to more developed
beaches with shops, restaurants and a great nightlife. White Sand beach is the most famous beach in Koh Chang Thailand and is also one of the easiest beaches to reach from the ferry. You will find a lot of restaurants, clubs, entertainment options, and hotels along this popular beach. The following beaches offer the best nightlife and shopping possibilities:

» White Sand Beach (Had Sai Khao)
» Kai Bae Beach
» Lonely Beach (Tha Nam Beach)
» Bang Bao Beach

If you prefer a bit more tranquillity, you can visit one of the following beaches

» Klong Prao Beach
» Klong Son Beach
» Kai Mook Beach
» Chaichet Cape (Laem Chaichet)
» Bai Lan Beach
» Than Mayom Beach
» Kong Kang Bay
» Salak Khok Bay
» Salakphet Beach

During the rainy season, all of the beaches on Koh Chang Island are quiet and clean, although you should be careful if you go swimming off the beaches on the west of the island during this period. A lot of beaches on the west side are closed during the rainy season since the swimming in the ocean is dangerous during the monsoon season. If you still want to go swimming during this time, you can visit the beaches on the east of the island, which is more protected as it faces the mainland.


Just 310km away from Bangkok, Koh Chang Island is a famous weekend escape for both Thais and foreign tourists. In addition to its world-famous beaches, it offers spectacular landscapes of mountains, rainforests and waterfalls.
The climate on Koh Chang island is also pleasant year-round.

A holiday on Koh Chang provides endless opportunities to chill out on the beach, or a taste of adventure on a trek through the spectacular landscapes with a chance to cool off from the heat with a refreshing dip in the cool waters of one of Koh Chang island’s waterfalls. Those on a romantic holiday can enjoy the gorgeous views across the island’s beautiful lagoons. Koh Chang Thailand offers an excellent choice of good food in the island’s many restaurants, and you are truly spoilt for choice with the many accommodation options. Whether you prefer a luxury beach villa, luxury beach house, 5-star hotel, guesthouse, or beach bungalow, Koh Chang offers a wide range of accommodation options for you and your family.


The hilly nature of Koh Chang Island in Thailand provides many beautiful waterfalls such as the Klong Plu Waterfall, which is located on the west side of the Island. Of course, the main attraction of the island is some of the best beaches in Thailand as well as many picturesque bays, including Ao Salak Phet and Ao Bai Lan, also on the west side. On the east side of the island, you will find many more waterfalls, such as Klong Nonsi, Klong Nueng, Khiri Petch, Kongoi near Bang Bao, and the Thanmayom. The bays on this side of the island include Ao Salak Phet, the largest on the island, and Ao Bai Lan.

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By airplane to Trat
The best and fastest way to reach the island is by airplane. There is an airport on the mainland in Trat, which you can reach from Bangkok quickly and comfortably with Bangkok Airways. From Trat you will need to take a taxi or minivan to the pier, which takes about 20 minutes.

By car to Trat
Coming from Bangkok by car, the 295km drive takes approximately 4 hours.

By taxi, minivan or limousine

– 3,800 THB for a meter taxi
– 4,500 THB – 5,000 THB for a minivan
– 10,000 THB for a limousine from the airport.

By bus

From Bangkok, you can also reach Koh Chang by bus. Buses from Ekamai Bus Station to Koh Chang cost about 250 THB and takes about approximately 5 hours.
The ferry from Trat to Koh Chang
From the mainland, the koh Chang ferry to the island takes about 30 minutes. Centerpoint ferry about 1 hour The ferry can also take cars across to the island.


With its natural splendour, the island offers a wide choice of activities. The beautiful beaches and pristine Rainforests And Islands Surrounding Koh Chang Create The Perfect Environment For Nature Lovers And Adventure seekers.

Elephant trekking

Go elephant trekking and explore the rainforest with the kings of the jungle. One of the most fun and enchanting things to do in Thailand, elephant trekking puts you in touch with the nature of the island as you experience some of the most picturesque landscapes of Koh Chang.

Island tours

Koh Chang is surrounded by many beautiful smaller islands. The nearby islands Koh Mak and Koh Kood are blessed with spectacular white sand beaches and also provide accommodation for tourists. The following tour providers offer a choice of excellent packages that usually include 4 or 5 islands with the option of travelling speedboat, sailboat or a cruise boat. THAIFUN Day Cruises offer you a perfect day with many islands, snorkeling and many more.

Golf course
If you are a golf fan, your passion for golf doesn’t need to take a break during your holidays. Siam Royal View has developed a phenomenal 9-hole golf course on Koh Chang, and a leisurely round should definitely be on the “things to do” list for any golfer.


Bang Bao Village is a very interesting area to visit. It’s a true fisherman’s village with all the charms of rural Thailand.

Salak Phet Village is located on the East Coast of Koh Chang.
Klong Plu Waterfall this tree-tier waterfall and a nice place to take a swim and relax.
Klong Nonsi Waterfall is at the northernmost tip of Koh Chang and offers spectacular views and the opportunity for bird watching.
Klong Nueng Waterfall is the smallest waterfall situated at Salak Phet.
Kiri Petch Waterfall is close to Salak Phet village.
Than Mayom Waterfall is a magnificent four-tier waterfall and surely the most famous and popular one at Koh Chang. King Rama V and King Rama VI once visited it and inscribed their names on the stones on the highest cliff of the cascade.